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Robot palletisers supplied by Robotic Automation for Australian abattoir

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article image Australian Meat Holdings is the first abattoir in the country to use robot palletisers in its production line

Robotic Automation has been commissioned by Australian Meat Holdings to design, supply and install a turnkey system for the robotic palletising of frozen meat.

Located at Dinmore, near Ipswich, Australian Meat Holdings' facility is the largest in Australia. Robotic Automation supplied two Motoman SP100 palletising robots to the site.

The robots are located in the cold store area where temperatures approach 0°C, and are used to palletise 30 kg cartons of frozen beef. The robots are programmed to palletise a range of different sized cartons into different palletising patterns to cater for Australian Meat Holdings' domestic and export requirements.

The system provided by Robotic Automation has been designed to be flexible, and able to grow in line with the increasing production demands of Australian Meat Holdings' facility.

The palletising robots will initially palletise two different sized boxes, but will eventually handle four different sized boxes.

The system also includes a unique shuttle and park bench that has been designed to deliver empty pallets to the robot palletisers, and remove full pallets.

If a new pallet is moving into place, boxes are stored in the park bench to ensure smooth flow of production. No accumulation conveyors are used in the pick off or infeed roles.

The shuttle incorporates a heavy lift mechanism to handle each pallet of 36 cartons, which weigh over one tonne. Pallets are dispensed from a two way pallet dispenser.

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