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Motoman SV3 robot from Robotic Automation at work in a Sydney confectionary plant

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Robotic Automation  supply robotics for all applications, including automatic guided vehicles, pallet wrapping systems, robotic palletising and end of line automation systems.

A confectionery manufacturer in Sydney is using a Motoman SV3 robot from Robotic Automation to pick and place individual packets of confectionery.

Located at the end of the production line, the Motoman SV3 robot picks up 12 packets of sweets at a time and places them into a carton for shipping and display. With its small payload and compact size, the SV3 is ideal for handling delicate lightweight products such as a packet of sweets.

To ensure the product is not damaged, Robotic Automation designed and built a gripper for the robot specifically suited to the customer's requirements with pneumatic suction cups.

The Motoman SV3 robot is ideal for high-speed pick and place work in the food industry where cleanliness and hygiene are critical.

The profile of the robot is smooth, making it difficult for particles to adhere to the surface. Also available is the Motoman SV035 which is fully water-resistant and can be hosed down for cleaning and the removal of raw material or residue. The SV035 complies with IP65 industry standards.

The standard motion pattern on the Motoman SV3 can be run in only 0.7s for a 300 mm stroke. This represents a decrease in handling time and is a new speed record for perpendicularly articulated robots.

Depending on the product, the Motoman SV3 robot can be used for a number of activities. It is ideal for automating case packing (in this case, packets of sweets), tray loading and food handling, all common to the food industry.

The Motoman SV3 robot can be used in conjunction with the Motoman high-speed vision sensor system that will aid efficiency in processes where products come down a conveyor at random.

Once the approaching product is seen, the robot will be prompted into action. The Motoman SV3 robot comes complete with a Yasnac XRC controller and has the CE marking. The volume of this unit has been halved compared to previous controllers giving it a smaller footprint.

To aid ease of operation, users are able to assign function keys to commonly used commands to make work even faster.

Robotic Automation offer the complete range of Motoman robots, including the SV3. They also provide advice, technical support, service and spare parts.

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