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Crawler and rover robots from Robot-Oz

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A crawler robot from Robot-Oz is basically designed to move about on legs, normally with feet. These crawler robots look like spiders or insects. These crawlers are also known as walkers.

Robot-Oz designs crawler robots with several actuators on each leg. Four, six or eight legs can also be provided to a crawler robot from Robot-Oz for maintaining the balance. A crawler robot from Robot-Oz has a unique controller that is mounted on its back. The sensors are mounted on the front or side of a crawler controller from Robot-Oz.

These crawler robots are ideal to do the job of navigating the environment. The controller that is mounted on its back helps determining its movements.

Robot-Oz also provides a wide variety of rover robots. A rover robot from Robot-Oz can easily move about on wheels and look like a car or a tank. This rover robot is specifically designed with various wheels on each side. The wheels can be either four or six for maintaining the balance.

The rover robot is ideal for mounting a robotic arm. It is highly recommended to use a high quality controller with a rover robot from Robot-Oz as it helps reading sensors, controlling the arm and moving the robot.

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