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RED-I-LIFT Magnetic Lifters from Robinson International

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Robinson International  offers RED-I-LIFT magnetic lifters designed for lifting flat and round magnetic steel items such as steel sheets, pipes, rounds and die blocks.  

RED-I-LIFT magnetic lifters incorporate a range of features for extra safety during operation including an extra heavy operating handle, a two-handed safety catch and an extra-large forged lift eye.  

Key features of RED-I-LIFT magnetic lifters: 

  • Extra heavy operating handle minimises damage if the handle is bumped while the lifter is in use
  • Two-handed safety catch will not release during normal operation
  • Design of catch minimises wear due to standard operation conditions
  • Extra-large forged lift eye to enable a small lifter to be fitted to a large hook
  • 3.3x safety factor
  • Larger capacity than competitors with working load limits of 150kg, 300kg, 600kg, 1200kg and 2400kg
  • Competitive prices

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