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Bosch celebrates 125 years of innovation and engineering excellence

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In their 125th year, global company Bosch celebrates their successful evolution from small time manufacturer with a 3-man workshop to internationally renowned power tool innovator in the automotive and consumer goods industries. Robert Bosch Australia represents the Bosch Group in Australia.  

The Power Tools Division of the Bosch Group is well into its 84th year, having become the global market leader for power tools and power tool accessories.

Bosch Power Tools launched more than 100 new products into the market in 2010 with 40% of sales within the division coming from new innovative products launched less than two years ago.

The Bosch Power Tools division comprises of portable electric power tools, benchtop tools, accessories, measuring tools and electric garden tools with all categories placed among the top 3 positions in the worldwide market.  

The Bosch story began in 1886 when Robert Bosch opened the ‘Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering’ in Stuttgart, Germany, working with two other engineers on a range of electrical equipment.  

Bosch’s big break into the market came with a brief to produce a magneto ignition device. Having developed a new technique in which an electric spark ignited the air-fuel mixture in the cylinder of a stationary internal-combustion engine, Bosch applied it to vehicle engines in 1887 solving a major problem within the automotive industry.

The Power Tool Division (PT) was established in 1928 with the release of the company’s first power tool, the Forfex hair clippers, containing an electric motor in the handle, which is still central to the design of power tools today.  

According to Kai Schmid, General Manager of Bosch Power Tools Australia, the company aims to continually develop and improve their products to ensure Bosch remains one of the key power tool brands in the highly competitive Australian power tool market.  

Notable power tool innovations

  • The Demolition Hammer range of rotary hammers (1932) 
  • The Jigsaw, invented by Albert Kaufmann, based on his wife’s sewing machine (1947) 
  • The SDS-plus toolholder system for tool-free and fast drill bit and chisel changes (1975) 
  • 2kg rotary hammer (1981) 
  • Cordless hammers (1984) 
  • Power tool with Lithium-Ion battery technology (2003) 
  • 5kg hammer with vibration control (2003) 
  • The GBH 36 V-LI Professional cordless hammer with Lithium-Ion technology (2005) 

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