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Save water with Maytag washing machine

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article image The Maytag Commercial Energy Advantage High-Efficiency Front-Load washer

By upgrading 17 old top-load washers across 3 different laundries over a 12 month period to the Maytag High-Efficiency Front-Load washer, YHA NSW Ltd was able to save over 2.6Million litres of water, and decrease the number of dryers required, due to the higher spin speed of this machine.

With rising utility costs and increased energy efficiency requirements, it's getting harder to do business profitably. Richard Jay Laundry has an exciting solution: the Maytag Commercial Energy Advantage High-Efficiency Front-Load washer.

A case study document, highlighting these savings is available from the Richard Jay Laundry website.

The Maytag Commercial Energy Advantage High-Efficiency Front-Load washer has been proven to save up to 50% every year on water, energy and sewer costs compared to conventional top-load washers. Here's how:

- Uses less water

The washer only uses about 69 litres of water per load compared to the 130 litres per load that a typical top-load washer uses. That's a savings of 61 litres of water per load. To put that in perspective, replacing 20 top-load washers with Maytag Commercial Energy Advantage High Efficiency Front-Load washers could save up to 2,226,500 litres of water per year!

- Uses less energy

Using less water means less energy is needed to heat that water for every cycle. Heating water can account for a big portion of washer utility costs. With high-speed extraction of up to 1,000 rpm and 300 g's, more water is removed during the spin cycle, so it takes substantially less time and energy to dry clothes, too.

- Provides greater capacity

With no agitator, the washer offers 32% greater capacity than a top-load machine to handle bulky items like bedspreads and throw rugs with ease. Increased capacity means increased efficiency because more laundry can be done in fewer loads.

Richard Jay Laundry Equipment has been importing and distributing commercial and industrial laundry equipment in Australia for more then 36 years. Maytag is a key brand offering, but is complemented by other brands including Primus, Ghidini and Ecoclean. This national company is a family business with locations in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the head office in Adelaide.

Richard Jay Laundry Equipment has recently been awarded “Maytag International Distributor of the Year 2005”

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