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Filter with incorporated IEC mains connector from RFI Industries

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article image DZ series of RF power line filters

The DZ series of RF powerline filters for EMI interference reduction provide an integrated IEC mains inlet receptacle allowing easy integration during the products design phase. The filters are fused and are also available with a double pole switch and either 1 or 2 fuses. The product is intended to be designed into electronic equipment and measuring instruments.

The powerline filters have good common mode and differential mode interference suppression to minimize conducted interference at the mains input, thus providing a clean mains voltage and making the internal circuits less susceptible to external conducted interference. The rated input voltage is 250VAC, at 50/60Hz and the filters are available in current ratings from 1 Amps to 10 Amps.

A QA test of a 1minute test voltage of 1768VAC applied line to line and 1500VAC line to ground is carried out on each filter at manufacture. The filters also conform to climate category 25/085/21. 

RFI Industries offer a complete range of EMI RF filters for both Commercial and Military applications.

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