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ML5830 ASK/FSK transmitters available from RF Parts Australia

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The ML5830 is a single chip, fully integrated Amplitude Shift Keyed (ASK) and Frequency Shift Keyed (FSK) transmitter developed for a variety of applications operating in the 5.790GHz to 5.840GHz band. ML5830 ASK/FSK transmitters are available from RF Parts Australia .

The ML5830 ASK modulator is designed for symbol rates of 512ksps, 1024ksps and 2048ksps. These ASK modulation symbol rates are required to support Biphase (FM0) encoded bit rates of 256kbps, 512kbps and 1024kbps respectively.

The FSK modulation symbol rate of 2048ksps supports a bit rate of 1024kbps with Manchester encoding. The ML5830 RF path includes an upconversion mixer, a buffer/predriver, and an ASK modulator to produce a typical output power of +1dBm. A fully integrated fractional synthesiser with an FSK modulation function is used. Power supply regulation is included in the ML5830 transmitter providing circuit isolation and consistent performance over supply voltages between 2.8V to 3.6V.

Following are the features of ML5830 ASK/FSK transmitters:

  • Highly integrated 5.8GHz, 512ksps to 2048ksps ASK and 2048ksps FSK transmitter
  • Fractional-N Synthesiser with 30Hz resolution
  • Fully integrated digital FIR TX Data Filter to limit occupied BW
  • Self-calibrating VCO and filters eliminate tuning
  • ASK and FSK modulation modes
  • 4dBm output power
  • Includes FastWave Embedded Wireless Microcontroller Technology
  • Simple 3-Wire Control Interface
  • 40-Pin QFN package (6mmx6mm)

The ML5830 ASK/FSK transmitter can be used in the following applications:

  • Electrical Toll Collection
  • Typically Applications Schematics

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