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Vacuum pump efficiency testing service

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REZITECH Services tests pumps using the Orifice Plate Method where plates are fitted to the inlet pipes or manifold. The flow and vacuum generated during this process is used to plot an actual performance curve.

Results of pump testing are taken for analysis, and an efficiency curve and report is generated. Comparing this curve to the manufacturers' published curve gives a measure of the pump’s efficiency.

An important point to consider when testing pumps is that a poorly performing pump will be absorbing as much, if not more, power than a new pump, while adding little in the way of flow and vacuum.

For example, a vacuum pump has new pump capacity of 6000 cfm at 22"Hg and absorbs 216kW power. If pump testing shows that the pump is only achieving 3600 cfm at 22"Hg yet it is consuming power at the same rate as a new pump. Therefore, the pump is 2400 cfm short on performance (achieving 60% of new pump performance). The power wasted on this pump per year is the approximate repair cost of a pump of this size.

The extra power consumed per annum of a poor performing vacuum pump will often exceed the cost of overhauling the pump at Rezitech's workshop. With the results of pump testing, maintenance operators can plan ahead for maintenance and service schedules and prevent costly breakdowns.

Rezitech Services is offering a free consultation on pump testing, pump repairs and businesses' pump needs. Call 1800 335 508 to arrange on-site efficiency testing to identify the actual performance of your vacuum pumps.

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