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Revolution IT introduces its range of SAP Project Management Software, which comprises:  SAP Solution Manager, SAP Project Systems, SAP cProjects and SAP xRPM (xApp Resource and Portfolio Management).

The SAP Solution Manager is a project management software which provides central access to tools, methods and preconfigured contents, which can be used during the evaluation and implementation phases, as well as in operation processing of the systems.

SAP Project Systems guarantee close and constant monitoring of all aspects of a project, including both technical and commercial aspects. The SAP Project Systems have been designed to optimise the business processes from project planning through to carrying out the project and enables a project progress analysis.

SAPCollaboration Projects (cProjects) is a cross-industry project management software used to plan and monitor development and consultant projects. Collaboration Projects (cProjects) support the product development process for various methodologies – from planning through product and process approval to external communication with partners or customers. The project leader can define required qualifications for project roles and assign tasks to the various project roles. The system helps the resource manager staff project roles by searching for persons according to qualification, organizational assignment, project experience, and availability. cProjects also offer effective planning, monitoring, and documentation of the development and consulting project, encapsulating all of the objects used and offering a central access point for displaying, managing, and monitoring all project-relevant objects.

The Business Package for SAP xApp Resource and Portfolio Management (SAP xRPM) integrates information from existing project management, human resource, and financial/controlling systems to provide an overview of the project portfolio with easy drilldown to details for project executives, project managers, and resource managers.

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