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Mobi 500 semi-automatic binding machine from Renz Masterbind

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Renz Masterbind is to introduce Mobi 500 semi-automatic binding machine in Australia and New Zealand.

Renz Masterbind manufactures ring wire and ring wire binding equipment. Renz Masterbind will be demonstrating Mobi 500 semi-automatic binding machine in Sydney. This is the first time this machine will be on display.

Mobi 500 is a flexible digital semi-automatic ring wire binding machine for booklets, skip binds and calendars. One of Mobi 500’s unique features is that it is on wheels and can be moved into position next to a job rather than having to move pallets to its position.

Mobi 500 is the result of extensive research which identified a need for an easy to use semi automatic binding system requiring no special training to operate and set up. With a short set up time of between 5 to10 minutes using a touch screen user friendly set up it has achieved this important requirement.

Mobile on heavy duty castors, it is easily relocated from one section of the production area to another and is easily wheeled through a standard doorway making it an ideal binding solution when space is limited.

Mobi 500 has an electric spool lift for easy loading, a low noise level and does not require compressed air. The machine comes standard completely equipped to close wire sizes 3/16” (5.5mm) to 1 ¼” (32mm).

Able to bind books from 100mm to 500mm as well as skip bind or insert calendar hangers automatically it is an extremely flexible and versatile machine.

Mobi 500 is easy to use, consistently and reliably binding up to 800 booklets/700 calendars per hour.

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