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Making cylindrical grinding simpler

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article image The Ultramat Easy Grind machine.

EMO 2001 marked the European debut of Jones and Shipman’s Easy Grind, an easy-to-use jobshop and light production grinder, based on a GE-Fanuc Touch Screen Quickpanel Jr version of the Ultramat CNC production grinder.

The Easy Grind has been specifically developed in response to industry demands for a precision grinder that offers the advantages of microprocessor control without the complexity of traditional CNC systems.

The new operator interface is simple and easy-to-use requiring no computer knowledge.

Easy to set up, the Ultramat Easy Grind offers the operator three simple options: manual grind, single cycle, or link individual dress and grind cycles into a repeatable combination.

In manual mode, the operator can produce one-off pieces with manual wheel dressing, with no set-up procedures being required.

In single cycle mode, the operator has access to auto-dress with compensation, grind cycle selection of plunge, traverse or face and full trim for all dress and grind positions. Flag and gauge options are also available in this mode.

In the linked cycle mode, up to 20 elements of both wheel dressing and grinding cycles can be linked together permitting multi diameter components to be completed in one loading.

As in the single cycle mode, flag and gauge options are also available. Link cycle mode cleverly allows trim of either single elements for each diameter and length or global trim for all elements.

Regrind for any individual diameter is simply accomplished by selecting that cycle from the linked group. This facility alone has the potential to save grinding shops many hours and enable sophisticated and expensive components to be saved from the reject bin.

On the universal version, full internal features, including multi-bore grinding, are available.

To ensure high accuracy the Easy Grind is ballscrew-driven on all axes with GE Fanuc AC servomotors and linear scale feedback. Renold Australia 03 9262 3333.

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