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Graphic overlay panels from Reid Industrial Graphic Products

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Graphic overlay panels available from Reid Industrial Graphic Products are designed to significantly enhance the appearance and functionality of a visual user interface.

Typically used to combine several different switch and display technologies and components as well as product identification and information into an integrated and user-friendly interface, these graphic overlay panels provide the graphic layer for membrane switches and EL lamps and can also be used as a surround for touchscreens or displays.

'Deadfronts' are increasingly being used by designers seeking to achieve a fresh and functional appeal to their interface. Visible only when required, a printed message or LED can be concealed in these panels. For instance, deadfronts can be used in the dash panels of vehicles for warning or caution lights instead of a more static display that may go unnoticed.

Graphic overlay panels offer versatile options in terms of application and design possibilities.

Base Materials

Several options are available in base materials but polyester is recommended for any application where the panel will be flexed. Polycarbonate is suitable for applications where the panel is simply for badging or identification purposes. Both polyester and polycarbonate offer a variety of surface finishes from matt to high gloss and even hard coated gloss.

Design Possibilities

Graphic overlay panels offer unlimited graphic design options such as embossing, raised printing, die or laser cutting and the inclusion of clear or tinted windows for LCD and LED displays, which can be incorporated to enhance the panel’s appearance and ease of use.

Digital Prototyping

Reid Industrial offers a quick turnaround prototyping service called Digital-On-Time wherein overlay panels can be digitally produced, reducing prototyping cost and lead time.

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