Marathon Aluminium Inline Coaxial Gearbox – modular and compact


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Multi interchangeable feet; one gearbox replaces many brands

  • Single piece aluminium alloy housing - combines lightweight with high tensile strength. Precision machined for alignment of bearings and gearing
  • Alloy housing - vacuum impregnated (MIL-STD 276) for protection and sealing. No secondary finish required but readily accepts paint
  • Removable inspection cover - allows periodic inspection of gearing during routine maintenance

Hardened and ground gears to ensure quiet and precise operation

  • Oilseals - two oil seals on request
  • Output shaft - with well pro-portioned bearings
  • Removable feet - with patented locking system

9 sizes; power ranges of 0.09 to 7.5kW and ratios 3.4 to 480:1

  • Lubricated for life - with synthetic oil with operative range from -15° to +130°C
  • Foot prints - compatible to the main standard of the market to assist designers and end users to rationalise and standardise their gearbox platform
  • Gears - hardened and ground gears
  • Flange - fully modular to IEC and compact integrated motor. NEMA C flange

Suitable Industries

  • Mining
  • Food & Beverage
  • Water
  • Marine
  • Metal & Steel
  • Agriculture
  • Automation
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical / Petrochemical
  • Pool & Spa

Multiple Shaft & Mounting Options

  • Hollow
  • Hollow with shrink disc
  • Stainless steel hollow
  • Single low speed shafts
  • Double high speed shaft
  • Multiple output flanges
  • Torque Arms & Reaction Bolts
  • Special shaft configurations and special builds available on request
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