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Cost-effective belt cleaning system

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REFRACTECH’S Dirtwhacker belt cleaning system consists of a set of hinged parallelograms mounted along a frame, with an inflatable rubber bladder running through the middle of the parallelograms.

The Dirtwhacker's unique parallelogram design (patented world-wide) ensures the blade is always held at 90° to the belt. The internal bladder ensures every blade on the rack is held at the set pressure and applies a uniform force to the blades across the belt.

The Dirtwhacker belt cleaner does not rely on a sharp edged scraper blade to clean the belt. A round cornered blade (which cannot damage the rubber) is applied to the belt cover by the hinged parallelograms and operates at a belt/blade pressure of 40kPa to 60kPa. This ensures a squeezing action on the belt rubber, opening the pores of the belt to allow the dirt to drop away before it reaches the blade.

This unique action results in negligible carry back and prolongs the life of the blades. As the blade begins to wear, the parallelogram mechanism and inflatable bladder ensures the blades self-adjust, maintaining a constant pressure at 90° to the belt.

Another feature is that all parallelograms operate independently of each other, ensuring maximum life of each blade and each part of the belt receiving equal cleaning opportunity.

Maintenance work is virtually non-existant with the Dirtwhacker and involves ensuring adequate air pressure is maintained in the bladder (this can be adjusted safely during operation) as well as a periodic check on the wear of the blades (these are tungsten carbide for extra long life and have indicators showing when blades should be changed).

Dirtwhackers are manufactured with stainless steel parallelograms mounted on galvanised steel frames for optimal corrosion protection.

Dirtwhackers can also be manufactured in 100% stainless steel for corrosive environments.

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