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Supply Chain Management Software from RedPrairie
Warehouse Management Software (WMS) and supply chain software entails managing multiple flows of goods and information across complex networks of:
  • Suppliers
  • Co packers
  • Carriers
  • Freight forwarders
  • Logistics service providers

By optimising every node in these extended networks, and synchronizing the flow of products and information all the way to the retail shelf, supply chain management solutions are able to:

  • Reduce inventory levels at each stage
  • Improve on shelf and Just In Time performance
  • Improve top line growth and profitability
Supply Chain Management Systems from RedPrairie
RedPrairie provides integrated, comprehensive logistic systems and warehouse software packages that include business management software, fleet management software and inventory management software.

RedPrairie’s E2e suite of Supply Chain Management software has the robust functionality to synchronize the entire network:
  • Optimise each and every node
  • Optimise workflow
  • Optimise visibility and control capabilities

It’s the difference between a single, smooth running machine and a bunch of disjointed parts.

The Integrated Supply Chain Management Suite
Most companies won’t attempt to optimise every node all at once, however. So RedPrairie breaks down the Supply Chain Management suite into functional groupings based on the movement, storage, people and process components common to supply networks. 

The integrated Supply Chain Management suite is comprised of:

  • Transportation Management Software: A complete transport software solution for domestic and international transportation planning and execution, global trade management and fleet management
  • Warehouse Management Software: Warehousing software and inventory control software for optimising the flow of materials and goods from before they enter your gate until after they leave, ensuring the most efficient, accurate and agile distribution process
  • Workforce Management Software: Transforming your supply chain management operations into a performance focused culture through proven transformation and change management programs and industry leading Labor Management technology
  • Business Process Integration Software: Applying the latest in information capture, analysis and graphical display to understand and optimise business processes across the enterprise and extended supply networks.

Individually, these robust supply chain execution applications address specific supply chain challenges. Together, they optimise and synchronise every node across your extended supply network.

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