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RedPrairie provides a wide range of management solutions

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RedPrairie, a leading consumer driven optimisation company, has introduced seamless integrated Warehouse management, Transport management and Fleet management solutions in Australia.

Many Australian companies have spent considerable time, money and resources delivering effective supply chain solutions to enable them to increase revenue, compete on local and world markets and deliver a sustainable and profitable competitive advantage.

Now RedPrairie is able to provide a seamlessly integrated solution including:

  • Warehouse management
  • Slotting optimisation
  • Yard management
  • Supply chain workforce management
  • Multi-modal transport management and
  • Fleet management

Previously, companies had to integrate a number of applications from a number of different vendors in order to deliver this functionality to their business.

The RedPrairie integrated fleet solution enables companies to seamlessly flow products from the shipping dock directly to their customers.

It also efficiently processes returns, non-deliverables, especially critical in home delivery operations and the disposition of reusable assets such as shipping containers, racks and totes.

The route is passed to the Warehouse management application to drive order processing, thus optimising the distribution and fleet processes as well as the interaction between the two.

It also allows companies to:

  • Support multiple vehicle type and configurations
  • Address specific end customer delivery requests
  • Monitor vehicles, drivers and deliveries through GPRS connectivity
  • Reduce fuel consumption- manage driver/contractor pay and overtime
  • Validate stop times and duration, ensure routes follow road rules
  • Alert customers and managers to any events
  • Store second by second vehicle data and thousands of trip logs
  • Monitor driver safety; enforce vehicle inspections to company policy
  • Electronics proof of delivery signature capture
  • Electronics vehicle inspection and driver logs
  • Provide the ability to monitor for OH&S and Legal requirements

Not only to deliver better services, reduce costs but also to reduce the legal threat to companies, their management, image and directors.

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