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RedPrairie conducts 2007 survey for food and beverage companies

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RedPrairie  recently conducted the 2007 survey on QA and recall technology for food and beverage companies. The survey revealed that 63% of participants felt their current QA and recall processes were somewhat effective.

Speed of recall was chosen as the top challenge confronting food companies and 39% of respondents feel the big recall communication gap occurs at the store-level.

Other findings of the survey include:

44% responded that their products can be pulled off the shelf in a few days. 12% did not have a sense of how long it would take to pull their items from the store shelf, indicating a lack of visibility and control across the extended supply chain.

63% of respondents indicated they would like their recall technology linked to POS interfaces at stores, including the POS systems link automatically shutting off the recalled SKU at the register. Again, respondents felt the biggest recall communication gap occurs at the store-level.

While concern over safety of Chinese manufactured goods has dominated the recent press coverage on recalls, respondents to this survey had a mixed opinion on the safety of food and ingredients produced outside their home country.

52% indicated the safety of non-native produced food items as excellent, very good, or good, while 39% indicated it was not good, and 10% claimed they had no visibility into the safety of non-native food items.

Only 34% of companies have changed their recall processes in response to the recent rash of recalls. 32% have changed their recall technology in the past few months. The survey found a wide range of technologies being used to manage and execute a recall.

These results are consistent with what RedPrairie see with many food retailers and grocers.

Automation is the only way to really verify if recalled products have been pulled from the shelves in an efficient, accurate and timely manner. While there is work to be done to improve the management and execution of recalls in this country, the processes and technology exist to create a seamless communication flow throughout the food and beverage supply chain.

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