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Spring Balancers
Redfern Flinn Cranes & Hoisting Equipment are able to supply a range of Spring Balancers including the Hasemer Spring Balancer. 

Spring Balancer Functions
Available in both standard stroke and long stroke models, the Hasemer Spring Balancer is designed to

  • Improve employee safety and wellbeing by minimising fatigue
  • Keep work areas clear of tools
  • Prevent damage to tools
  • Improve productivity by making your employees more efficient

Hasemer Spring Balances Series
There are 2 main series of Hasemer Spring Balancers – the HWF and the HWA series. The HWF series balancers are fully enclosed and are provisioned with a body liner to prevent damage to the body.

The HWA series Spring Balancers are available with a capacity from 9-70kg and have all the features of the HWF series, as well as being provisioned with a wire arrest mechanism which locks the drum pulley in case of tool disengagement. Redfern Flinn’s customers have found these particularly beneficial when using welding guns and for applications where chances of wire splitting or tool disengagement due to accidental failure are higher.

Hasemer Spring Balancers Saftey Features
The Hasemer Spring Balancers have a number of new safety features

  • An enclosed body which minimises the risk of accidently crunching the operator’s fingers, thus preventing industrial accidents
  • A wire arrest mechanism for the HWA series which locks the last revolving drum pulley; and the wire rope assembly will be stopped with a maximum 20cm travel.  This will prevent the whipping of wire rope assembly and operator injury will be avoided
  • A body liner

These features are in addition to the safety pin as standard, which stops and locks the drum pulley in the event of spring failure, and thus prevents the fall of costly equipment and injury to the operator from a falling load.

To find out more about Redfern Flinn Cranes & Hoisting Equipment's Spring Balancers please visit their website or submit an enquiry today.

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