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Redbank now offer an LED docklight

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article image New heavy duty LED dock lights from Redbank Instruments

Redbank Instruments now offer an LED docklight, a heavy-duty LED light designed for the most demanding work places, and offers the following features:

  • The LED dock light is housed in a cast aluminium housing that carries a European IP66 rating
  • The operating temperature range of the LED dock light is  0° – 130° F
  • This LED dock light is ideal for food processing facilities and process industries
  • The cool white light has a lumen intensity comparable to a 300 watt R40 bulb
  • Will operate on any voltage from 100V AC to 240V AC (50/60 Hz)
  • These heavy-duty lamp heads can be retrofitted onto most existing docklight arms
Benefits of the heavy-duty LED dock light include:
  • The standard ML 391 Redbank LED docklights use 80% less energy than incandescent or halogen bulbs but still have a lumen intensity comparable to 150 watt PAR 38 bulb
  • Nine high-output 3 watt LEDs achieve maximum light intensity instantly on the dock light, and are specially designed for lighting trailer interior
  • These LED lights install easily into existing ML 390 Redbank docklight polycarbonate lamp heads, and are ideal for use in refrigerated food warehouses
  • Redbank Par 38 LED bulbs have been structurally strengthened to withstand the bumps and jarring that occur on the loading dock
  • all dock light products using the PAR38 LED bulb are supplied with a special kit for securing the wire guard to the lamp head, which makes it more difficult for the unauthorized removal of the LED bulb

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