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Redbank Group provide a wide range of medical and magnifying lamps , from basic, entry level lamps through to the professional Maggyvue models.

Latest technology medical lamps

  • Maggylamp examination light – Available in both halogen and LED models with flexible arms, are a cost effective solution for surgery examination lighting
  • Halux halogen lights – Designed for surgeries, clinics and hospitals, the Halux 50 is an ergonomically designed, easy to use light which gives 48,000 lux at 0.5m
  • Halux LED – Combining low heat output with adjustable colour and brightness to provide medical staff complete control when carrying out minor procedures and general examinations
  • Isis halogen treatment lights – Made in Switzerland, these easy to use, ergonomically designed halogen treatment lights are proven performers in surgeries, clinics and hospitals
  • Saturn LED treatment lights – The latest in surgical examination lighting with LED’s, featuring adjustable colour temperature and brightness whilst remaining cool throughout the whole procedure time
Magnifying lamps for industrial applications
  • Maggy-Vue magnifying lamps – Manufactured in Germany using quality optical lens and efficient fluorescent lighting to offer shadow free diffused lighting with 2 x magnification
  • ‘Shoppa’ electronic magnifiers – A handheld CCTV, the ‘Shoppa’ provides portable video magnification making it ideal for industrial inspection personnel
  • Standard Maggylamp – With over 60 years of proven performance, the Australian made Maggylamp provides energy efficient, quality shadow free lighting and magnification
  • LED rimless magnifiers – Handheld magnifiers with powerful LED light, ideal for quick inspections
The Redbank Group range of medical and magnifying lamps provide the ideal solution for customers looking for the best lighting and magnification on the market. Redbank Group information and contact details


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28/02/13 - Redbank Instruments introduces the new LED-20 Super Bright LED machine lamps suitable for use in workshops or industrial environments.
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25/07/12 - Redbank Instruments presents a high end range of LED highbay lights designed and built in Switzerland.
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11/07/12 - Redbank Instruments has announced that it has released a new range of LED tube lamps designed for use in industry where dust, water and soluble machine fluids are used.
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05/03/12 - Available from Redbank Instruments, the new Tevisio LED magnifying lamps by Waldmann are designed to support highly demanding visual tasks in manufacturing, assembly, quality assurance or general exam
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15/06/11 - Schweizer magnifiers are available from Redbank Instruments.
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