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Drive nails ‘round the bend’

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article image The Maxistrike hammer.

REDBACK Tools has released the ‘revolutionary’ Maxistrike hammer -- expected to be stocked in hardware store next month.

The Maxistrike has a patented arc shaft that allows the head of the hammer to reach over obstructions and deep into recesses.

This is what Redback Tools -- an Australian company -- calls ‘maxi-access’.

The hammer is drop-forged in a factory certified to international standard ISO9002. The head is double tempered for extra hardness.

The helve, or shaft, which is sickle-like in curve and cross-section, not only enables hammering around the bend but also adds anti-shock performance.

Also a shock absorber, the grip is ergonomically designed and has oval grooves that follow the natural lie of the user's fingers, making for a satisfying feel as well as resistance to twist or slip in the hand.

The concave butt is specially angled and shaped so users can tap pipes, studs, wedges, noggins and the like into place without having to cock their wrist into unnatural contortions.

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