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Simple solution to eliminate trip hazards from hoses and increase safety on site

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article image A ReCoila hose reel helps prevent trip injuries

Industrial hose reels from ReCoila Reels offer a simple solution to prevent injury at the workplace.

Industrial hoses are a common source of workplace injuries, most of them caused by the non-use of a reel to safely operate and store the hose.

Heavy industry segments including the mining sector, dockyards, engineering sites, energy facilities, construction and building sites, and food manufacturing have all seen payouts for employees hurt at the workplace from working with hoses.

Mr Michael Pawson, Managing Director of ReCoila says the potential problems are so obvious to the trained eye and also preventable. However, the primary problem with industrial hoses on worksites is that the management often ignores the equipment, assuming that a hose has little or no chance of leading to a workplace injury.

Injuries are typically caused when workers try to move it manually, not realising the hose is often a lot heavier than it looks, resulting in back strains, spinal injuries, rotator cuff problems on shoulders and general arm injuries.

According to Mr Pawson, hoses are often naively left dormant, snaking around the feet of workers for convenience-of-use, which can result in serious slips and falls.

However, by installing the hoses on appropriate hose reels, workplaces can almost certainly eliminate the trip hazard potential. Likewise, using a hose reel is a safer and more practical option to carting a loose hose around while also providing the ultimate in safe, convenient storage.

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