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Chemical additive Denatonium Benzoate from RC Pharmachem

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RC Pharmachem  offers Denatonium benzoate for a wide range of applications. RC Pharmachem was founded in 1973, engaged in providing animal repellents, child detergents and alcohol denaturants. Denatonium benzoate is one of the bitterest substances found on Earth.

Denatonium Benzoate as little as thirty parts when diluted with one million parts of a liquid, Denatonium Benzoate is too bitter to be tolerated by any human being. The Guinness book of records describes Denatonium Benzoate as bitterest compound known to man on Earth.

Denatonium Benzoate is chemically close to local anesthetic lidocaine group. Denatonium Benzoate is odourless and inert in nature. Denatonium Benzonate structurally differs from lidocaine by single benzyl group in its structure. Denatonium Benzoate is used as an aversion additive, Denatonium Benzoate when added to any household toiletries or outdoor pesticides; it helps to prevent accidental poisoning. RC Pharmachem offers Denatonium Benzonate that it complies to the safety standards and specification related to drugs act.

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