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Door and window sealing system available from Raven Products

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Energy loss from an unsealed home through gaps around doors and windows is around 15%.

This is easy to understand when you consider the gap around the average door equates to a hole the size of a house brick. The Door and window sealing system from Raven Products effectively seals these gaps.

For doors and windows to function, they must have gaps between the edges of the frame and sill. These clearances allow easy opening and closing while accommodating normal building movement.

However, these gaps can allow the intrusion of rain, draughts, noise, insects, vermin, dust, odours, bushfire embers, smoke and the leakage of valuable energy in the form of heating and air conditioning.

Raven seals are multipurpose, sealing against a combination of intrusions and leakages. Easily fitted, Raven sealing systems can provide a complete and continuous seal for all door and window types such as butt hinged, sliding, bi-fold and pivot action openings without impeding their normal use.

While the problem is huge, the cost of the solution is small. In fact, the energy saving benefit derived by fitting Raven door and window seals is a fraction of the cost when compared with double glazing, roof and wall insulation.

Raven manufactures a complete range of door seals, window seals, draught excluders and weather strip products to help in maintaining ideal energy, bushfire and acoustic design for buildings.

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