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Direct digital manufacturing creates new parts for old cars

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Using RedEye's digital manufacturing services from RapidPro ,  replacement parts for vintage cars can now be acquired in just days. Parts are difficult to make because the most common manufacturing method is giving the old part to a machinist to create. CAD files can be uploaded (a file derived from common engineering software) and 3D files can be scanned part file and RedEye prints and ships the particular part.

 Using a 3D scanner to create the file is an method. 3D scanners can measure 1 million points on an object in just a few minutes. Combining CAD files or 3D scanned part files allows the user to get a real thermoplastic part real time. Once the user receives the specified part, the user can make sure everything functions and fits appropriately so you can take it to tooling. In some cases, thermoplastic parts can even be used as the actual end-use part.

Jay Leno, American comedian and TV host, uses this technology to keep his 1907 White Steam car going. The White Steamer was the Whitehouse’s first car. In fact, the Army bought more White's than all other vehicles combined because there were very dependable. The problem is the last White Steam dealer went out of business in 1910. When Jay got the car it had been collecting dust for nearly 7 years.

"With something like this you can literally keep old cars on the road forever and ever 'cause you can make everything. That's the really cool thing about it. There's no mold or casting you can't duplicate." says Leno.

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