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Save time, money and natural resources with new washdown trailers from Rapid Spray

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article image The custom-designed washdown and reclaim trailer was designed to meet stringent government regulations

Rapid Spray  custom-designed a washdown and reclaim trailer for a mining exploration company to meet stringent government regulations.

Salva Resources, a global provider of technical and commercial services for mining exploration had to have their fleet vehicles fully washed down after a visit to any site to prevent the spread of noxious weeds. Government legislation required the vehicles to undergo a full washdown after every visit to a site that had one or more of over 100 species of weeds.

With expensive council washdown facilities few and far between, this requirement could involve a 6-hour round trip just to wash down one service vehicle. Spread across an entire fleet of vehicles, this resulted in a significant amount of downtime and loss of productivity for Salva.

Rapid Spray created a specially designed washdown and reclaim trailer that would not only satisfy the stringent government legislation, but also improve their daily productivity. Equipped with two powerful pressure cleaning units and a 1,500-litre tank, the task could be finished in half the time, enabling employees to move onto their next job.

Rapid Spray’s washdown trailers are designed to be environment-friendly with their ability to recycle water using a stainless steel dirty water separator that drains to a 50-litre sludge and oil tank.

The trailer also comes with additional storage space to accommodate a portable washdown containment bund, tarps and covers. Key features also include detergent tanks and four corner jack stands for levelling and stability.

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