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Single port SAW resonators

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article image Each contains two electrically-independent, single-port SAW resonators.

EPCOS, represented in Australia by Ramelec , has released the R770 (433.81MHz/434.06MHz) and R771 (314.875MHz/315.125MHz) two in one SAW resonators. Each type contains two electrically-independent, single-port SAW resonators in a QCC8C SMD ceramic package with a footprint of 5mm × 5 mm.

Both single-port resonators are implemented on the same chip and fabricated simultaneously in an identical process. This results in excellent synchronism against temperature and infrequency response. Almost any desired frequency difference between the two resonators can be designed. In the send oscillator, the two resonators are alternately connected to the oscillator circuit. Switching is done via PIN diodes. Applications include wireless keyless entry and tire pressure monitoring systems, alarm systems, domestic installations and radio sensors.

Although many applications require ISM bandwidth only momentarily, mutual interference can result if different signals are transmitted simultaneously on the same frequency. One remedy for dynamic in-band interference is to retransmit the data telegram on different frequencies within the ISM band. The transmitter and receiver alternately use different frequencies. As interference usually affects only one channel, the message can be received and evaluated via the second channel. Channels are selected in the intermediate frequency with the aid of an IF filter. To avoid additional unwanted channel attenuation, both channels must be located within the passband of the RF filter. The transmitter frequency is stabilised with a phase-locked loop or by switching between two SAW resonators.

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