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Honeywell barometric pressure transducers available from Ramelec Electronics

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Honeywell’s high performance pressure sensors are used on aircraft for primary air data measurements. These stable sensors are digitally compensated to provide high accuracy over wide temperature ranges. The same technology that is being used for making these critical pressure measurements in the air is now available for making AWOS measurements on the ground.

Honeywell’s barometric pressure transducers are tested against the requirements of FAA Advisory Circular 150/5220-16C. This application note describes the testing and compliance of Honeywell’s barometric pressure transducers to the requirements of the FAA AWOS specification.

Honeywell’s HPB/A and PPT barometric pressure transducers, avilable from Ramelec Electronics , combine silicon sensor technology with microprocessor-based signal conditioning to eliminate the need to insulate or temperature-regulate the barometer. Available in a compact, rugged design, the HPB/A and PPT barometric pressure transducers have software features that support a range of applications.

The AWOS requirements for barometric pressure transducers are as follows:

  • Quantity: Two barometers per AWOS system
  • Pressure Range: 17.58 – 31.53 in Hg
  • Error (RMSE): 0.01 in Hg
  • Error (max): 0.02 in Hg
  • Resolution: 0.001 in Hg increments
  • Average Differential Accuracy: 0.01 in Hg
  • Maximum Drift with Time (RMSE): 0.01 in Hg in 6 months
  • Maximum Drift with Time (max): 0.02 in Hg
  • Temperature Range (Indoors): +5° to +40°C
  • Temperature Range (Class 1, Outdoors): -35° to +55°C
  • Temperature Range (Class 2, Outdoors): -55° to +55°C

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