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article image Aimed at cars, ships and mobile phones.

RAMELEC has released the B69812N1577B302 and B69812N1577D302 GPS filters, aimed at navigation systems in cars, ships and mobile phones.

They have a signal to noise ratio of up to 50dB for the various mobile radio frequencies. The UMTS duplexer B69969N2047A760 has been developed for 3G mobile handsets. This product takes up 25% less space than its predecessor and has a reduced typical TX insertion loss of 1.1dB. The antenna and I/O pads are located on opposite sides. This simplifies signal routing and thus board layout. These improvements to duplexers and GPS filters allow customers to keep miniaturising their products while improving performance.

Like all ceramic filters, the UMTS duplexers and the new GPS filters have very good power compatibility (30dBm or better) and high dielectric strength. Based on LTCC, EPCOS' multilayer ceramic filters feature a completely new filter technology. Filter types B6989M2447C183 (bal. 50:50), B69893M2457B101 (bal. 50:100) and B69893K2457A101 (unbal. 50:50) have been developed for IEEE standard 802.11 b/g and for Bluetooth applications. Type B69883M5427B110 (bal. 50:100) is suitable for applications to IEEE 802.11 a.

Components based on LTCC can be made even smaller than conventional ceramic filters and offer high economies of scale. The smallest filters currently have a footprint of 2mm × 1.5mm. The balanced terminals can replace discrete baluns. This gives customers significant space and cost savings combined with typical ceramic benefits such as low temperature drift and high power compatibility.

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