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Wireless infrastructure offered by Radio Frequency Systems

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Radio Frequency Systems  is an international manufacturer and designer of antennas and cable systems and passive and active Radio Frequency conditioning modules. Radio Frequency Systems provides complete package solutions for wireless infrastructure as well.

Radio Frequency Systems serves distributors, OEMs, operators, system integrators and installers in wireless communications, broadcast, microwave and land-mobile market sectors.

Radio Frequency Systems offers Radio Frequency Systems solutions for cell-based mobile communications, in-tunnels, in-building, radio-link networks, television and radio, LMR or PMR and HF and defence.

Radio Frequency Systems offers better field support, forward-looking engineering capabilities and innovative product design.

Radio Frequency Systems offers range of products that have been divided under various categories. The categories of products offered by Radio Frequency Systems include In building, In tunnel, wireless communication, TV and radio, HF defence, mobile radio and microwave.

Radio Frequency Systems offers In-Building Wireless Communications which is considered as real-world radio frequency in-building. The launch of influential wireless data technologies such as CDMA 2000 1x, UMTS, WLAN/WiFi, HSDPA and WiMAX has positioned in-building wireless data services in the centre for carriers, building owners and building occupants alike.

The key necessity is for seamless and ubiquitous radio frequency coverage all over the building from sector-to-sector, floor-to-floor and from office-to-office.

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