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Radio Frequency Systems offers cell-based mobile communications

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Radio Frequency Systems  offers cell-based mobile communications. Cell-based mobile communication is rapidly becoming one of the most preferred and accessible mode of business and personal communication the world over.

An exclusively complete mobile system radio frequency solution set is offered by Radio Frequency Systems. Mobile system radio frequency solution from Radio Frequency Systems has been founded on an accurately end-to-end view of the whole radio sub-system. The Radio Frequency Systems solution set comprises of every element, both active and passive, along the radio frequency chain.

The elements include antenna tilt, base station antennas and azimuth beam control solutions which in turn include remote control systems, radio frequency booster and amplifier systems, communications and control software, feeder systems and radio frequency filtering and interference abatement technologies.

Radio Frequency Systems base station antenna solutions, which are based on the renowned Optimizer family of high-performance panel antennas, are leading products in essential antenna KPIs such as side-lobe suppression, gain, front-to-back ratio, electrical tilt performance and so on.

Radio Frequency Systems offers cell-based mobile solutions that provide entire radio frequency sub-system performance. Radio Frequency Systems work with OEMs, carriers and other various suppliers all over the world to shape the most appropriate radio frequency solution for every individual base station and network.

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