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RADCOFLEX offers a whole range of genuine Australian manufactured composite hoses, assemblies and hose fittings for use across chemical, gas and fuel transfer applications.

RADCOFLEX composite hoses are specially engineered and tested in-house and on-site to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Some of the advantages offered by RADCOFLEX composite hose assemblies are:

  • Lightweight and more flexible alternatives to rubber hoses;
  • All RADCOFLEX composite hoses are manufactured in Australia to Australian Standards and codes of practice;
  • The hoses' applications are easily identifiable by the colours on the hoses' outer covers;
  • Standard average connections with visible internal and external wires, which allow for a quick visual check on the ongoing integrity of the electrical continuity of thehose assembly;
  • Our hoses also meet major European and ISO Standards.

RADOFLEX'S range includes the following:
Chemical Composite Hoses

  • Chemdock: for use in heavy duty suction and discharge of bulk chemicals in road and rail tankers, dockside and ship to shore to EN 13765 and IMO;
  • Solchem: for the transfer of chemicals and solvents where the conveyany may be corrosive to a galvanised inner wire to AS 2594 and EN 13765;
  • Solflon: for the transfer of the most aggressive chemicals and searching solvents, having a special PTFE liner, to EN 13765;
  • Transchem: for the transfer of various acids and alkalis to AS 2594 and EN 13765.

Petroleum Hoses

  • avfuel & avfuel Light: aviation fuel transfer hoses to AS 2683 and EN 13765;
  • Petrofuel & Petrofuel Light: tanker fuel transfer hoses to AS 2683 and AIP CP27; 
  • Transdock: for the heavy duty suction and discharge transfer of petroleum products in road and rail tanker, dockside and ship to shore applications to AS 2117, EN 13765 and IMO;
  • Transfuel: a tanker and fuel depot transfer hose to AS 2683 and EN 13765;
  • Transoil: a hydrocarbon suction and discharge hose for in-plant and light-duty marine applications to AS 2117 and EN 13765.

Air, Gas & Water Composite Hoses

  • Bituflex: for the transfer of hot bitumen at elevated temperatures;
  • Transgas: for the transfer of liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and cryogenic conveyants down to -50C to AS 1369 and EN 13766;
  • Transheat: for the transfer of most hot fluids;
  • Roof Drain: for use with floating roof drain systems;
  • VRH: for the recovery of vapours from tanks and tankers to AS  2683.

Composite Hose - Additional Protective Solutions

  • PVC Spiral Guard: a PVC strip wound helically around the exterior of the hose;
  • PVC Wear Beads: PVC collars attached to the exterior of the hose at intervals;
  • Rope Lagging: a polypropylene rope wrapped helically around the exterior of the hose.

Composite Hose Fittings

  • Camlocks: quick-release cam lever fittings in aluminium, bronze, stainless steel, and polypropylene;
  • Dust Caps and Plugs: to suit camlock fittings;
  • Flanges: standard drillings in carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium;
  • Threaded Ends: standard threads in carbon steel, stainless steel, and polypropylene.
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