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Components of Radcoflex fabric expansion joints

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Radcoflex Australia  offers fabric expansion joints and metal expansion joints made from materials that maximise corrosion resistance, flexibility and strength.

Similar to their metallic expansion joints, Radcoflex’s fabric membranes need to be strong enough to resist system pressure while retaining flexibility.

Radcoflex’s fabric expansion joints are made using the latest heat sealable fluoropolymer materials.

Key components of Radcoflex’s fabric expansion joints include a gas seal membrane, insulating layers, retaining mesh, back up bars, metal flow liner, fly ash seals and flange gasket seal.

Gas seal membrane

Selected to withstand the pressure of the system and offer resistance to chemical attacks from the interior and the exterior, the gas seal membranes are flexible to allow absorption of thermal movements. As the temperature increases, the insulating layers are added to protect this membrane from damage.

Insulating layers

The insulating layers for CHEMSEAL (C1 to C4) provide thermal protection to the inside layer of the gas seal membrane, which also helps to reduce condensation caused by the gas stream contacting the cooler surface of un-insulated gas seal membranes.

Retaining mesh

Provided to protect the insulating layers from erosion and maintain thermal integrity, the retaining mesh is usually made of stainless steel material.

Back up bars

Positioned above the gas seal membrane to apply clamping pressure to the fabric and duct flange whilst also restraining the fabric from moving under the system pressure, back up bars have radiused edges so as to protect the gas seal membrane from wear damage.

Metal flow liner

Liners protect the fabric expansion joint from abra­sive particles, and reduce flutter of the fabric membrane caused by turbulence. A flow liner helps to reduce the temperature impact on the fabric element.

Fly ash seals

The braided stainless steel fly ash seals are intended to prevent build-up of fly ash in the expansion joint cavity. All fly ash seals are capable of retaining their strength and flexibility while being exposed to maximum system temperatures and pressures.

Flange gasket seal

Flange gasket tape is used to seal the gas seal membrane to the mating duct flanges, as well as protect the gas seal membrane from abrasion.

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