Upright labels – The Rainbow Effect

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Upright labels – The Rainbow Effect

Upright labels, sometimes known as “tree” labels are primarily used in racking installations that use RF (radio frequency) scanning systems.

There are no “right” or “wrong” labels for this application however there are various types that will make the picking and replenishing process more accurate.

RackID always will recommend a multicolour upright as it will improve accuracy in the operational process. We have a “standard” type label with up to 8 levels that has the following colours:

Yellow, white, purple, blue, green, red, grey, orange

Yellow for level 1, white for level 2, purple for level 3, and so on

There is not a real science on why we chose these colours apart from the white and yellow. In many applications, customers prefer to scan the location directly from the beam label under the pallet and the two best background colours to be scanned are white and yellow. With today’s technology however scanners are able to scan majority of barcodes independent of the background colour.

Why use colours and why do colours improve the operational processes?

People relate to colours and get used to them. Let’s say the warehouse management system (WMS) sends the operator to a location to pick a pallet from level 6. Operators get used to the colours and (if we use the above colours) the operator will go straight to level red and pick the product. And the best of all is that he/she only has to scan the barcode in the red box. No need to remember in what level number the pallet was.

Even thoughwe call it a “standard” label, we can create any variation of colours for any application. We can also supply one colour labels only.

If you want more information on setting up a new identification system to your warehouse, please call us on 1300 361 980 or check more information on our website – www.rackid.com.au

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