Floor Location Identification Signs (FLID)

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Floor Location Identification (FLID)

Floor identification has always been a major difficulty in warehouses as forklifts, pallets and personnel need to walk over the area and consequently damage the labels. We have the solution. Labels are still placed on the floor and a 3mm thick frame is affixed to the floor around the label. A high wear resistant transparent plate (also 3mm) is just placed inside the frame protecting the label. This can easily be removed to replace a label, if required. Forklift operators can scan the label directly from their seat, increasing oprational productivity.We NOW also have a new product for an even higher wear resistance.

This product is placed on the floor inside warehouses using a strong adhesive tape and for outdoor application the aluminium plate is inserted in a moulded frame and then adhered to the bitumen floor with the same product used for road markers.

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15/08/16 - Indoor floor identification in warehouses could seem to anyone one of the simplest way to locate products, however it is one of the most complex ones.

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