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Speed reducing systems available from Queensland Power Transmission Supplies

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Cyclo Gearbox speed reducing system available from Queensland Power Transmission Supplies is based on a simple principle that offers many benefits to the designer and user of power transmission drives.

Basically the Cyclo Gearbox has only three major moving parts.

  • High Speed Input Shaft with integrally mounted eccentric cam and roller Bearing assembly in the Cyclo Gearbox
  • Cycloid discs in the Cyclo Gearbox
  • Slow speed shaft assembly in the Cyclo Gearbox

As the eccentric cam rotates, it rolls the cycloid discs around the internal circumference of the stationary ring gear.

The resulting action is similar to that of a wheel around the inside of a ring. As the wheel (cycloid disc) travels in a clockwise path around the ring (ring gear housing).

The wheel itself turns slowly on its own axis in a counter –clockwise direction.

In the Cyclo Gearbox the cycloidal profile around the outer edge of the disc engages progressively with the rollers of the fixed ring gear housing to produce a reverse rotation at reduced speed .

With the Cyclo Gearbox complete revolution of the high speed shaft, the cycloid disc turns one cycloidal tooth pitch in the opposite direction. In general there is one less cycloidal tooth around the disc than there are pins in the fixed gear housing, which results in Cyclo Gearbox reduction ratios equal to the number of cycloid teeth on the disc.

In The Cyclo Gearbox reduced rotation of the cycloid discs is transmitted to the slow speed shaft by means of drive pins and rollers that engage with holes located around the middle of each disc.

Typically, a two disc system is used in the Cyclo Gearbox with a double eccentric cam which increase the torque capacity and offers and exceptionally smooth , vibration –free drive Cyclo Gearbox .

Cyclo Gearbox external gear has an epitrochoidal tooth profile, which provides a high contact ratio, the teeth cannot be sheared off. Cyclo Gearbox is known for good reliability and extended operating lifetime.

Cyclo Gearbox housings are made of grey cast iron, except for the two smallest sizes which are aluminium.

Since inertia is low, the Cyclo Gearbox is ideally suited for frequent start-stop reversing duties.

Cyclo Geaboxes compared with the sliding tooth contact of convential gearing, the rolling contact of the Cyclo gearbox reduces noise levels.

Cyclo Gearbox is available – single reduction – 6.1- 119.1 , double stage up to 7,569.1 , and triple stage up to almost 1,000,000.1.

A Cyclo Gearbox is compact in size and has good heat dissipation which makes the Cyclo Gearbox ideal for adjustable frequency invertor applications.

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