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Queensland and NSW Laboratory discuss measures to be taken during asbestos renovation and building work

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In Queensland, specific asbestos laws apply to homeowners, owner builders and renovators. These laws have been released by the Queensland Government and are to protect owners, their family and their neighbours from possible health risks caused by asbestos during renovation and building work.

Queensland and NSW Laboratory  discuss some important rules that will aid in ensuring that house owners do not contaminate their house and areas adjacent. Following are the important changes:

  • If owners are removing 10sqm or more of asbestos, they will need to get an asbestos removal licence or employ someone with one
  • Safety precautions such as respiratory protective equipment should always be taken when working with asbestos. HEPA vacuums and decontamination following the remediation is also important
  • Asbestos waste should be immediately double wrapped or double bagged in thick plastic, sealed with tape and labelled with an appropriate safety warning so that the waste cannot confused with or dumped as normal waste
  • Asbestos waste should be disposed of at a council approved site as soon as possible and loads should not exceed 250kg
  • Asbestos should never be cleaned with high pressure water cleaners, compressed air or cut with power tools (eg. circular saws, sanders, angle grinders) as the risk of an exposure above the National Exposure standard (NES) of 0.1 fibres/ml increases.
  • Removed asbestos must never be stored, sold or given away as others may not be aware of the associated risks

Following are the new series of asbestos fact sheets available from Queensland and NSW Laboratory:

  • Handling asbestos safely after a storm
  • How to handling asbestos safely after a storm
  • Identifying and recording asbestos in the workplace
  • Requirements for identifying asbestos containing materials and maintaining a register
  • Air monitoring when removing asbestos
  • Requirements for air monitoring when removing asbestos containing materials in the workplace
  • Clearance inspections for asbestos work areas
  • Requirements for clearance inspections for asbestos work areas
  • Asbestos flooring

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