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Micronor and QIC-Australia announce new MR303 MRI safe linear encoder for industrial applications

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Micronor announces the release of the world’s first commercially-available MRI safe linear position sensor system for OEM motion control applications.

Offering 100µm resolution and 50µm accuracy, Micronor’s MR303 linear sensors are recommended for use in medical, MRI, robotic and industrial applications where position and speed must be precisely monitored and electromagnetic immunity and invisibility are required. Working in conjunction with the MR302-2 OEM controller, the sensor integrates with conventional PLC controllers and servo drives.

The position sensor is immune to any electromagnetic interference from magnetic fields, lightning, high voltage and radiation. Constructed from non-ferrous and non-metallic materials, the sensor is also completely transparent to electromagnetic fields. This magnetic invisibility makes it the ideal position sensor for use in Super Paramagnetic Relaxation Measurements in which extremely small magnetic fields are measured. These attributes allow the MR303 sensor to be safely used in and around the MRI bore without producing any imaging artifacts.

Micronor’s high precision linear encoder not only enhances the performance of existing MRI systems but also enables new MRI applications such as MRI cradle position monitoring, MRI robots and MRI phantom training organs.

The fibre optic linear incremental encoder system is based on an innovative optical technique embodied in Micronor’s U.S. Patent 7,196,720 in which an electrically passive, all-optical sensor and remote controller are interconnected via a duplex fibre optic link. The system uses a coarse wavelength division multiplexing technique incorporating two lasers representing the A and B quadrature signals. An encoder film strip passes through the MR303 optical read head, modulating the A and B optical signals. The remote MR302-2 controller provides the optical input to the MR303 sensor and also processes the modulated optical return signal.

The MR302-2 controller features both A/B quadrature outputs and Modbus RTU serial interface for transparent integration into the user’s application. A discrete HOMING Input is used for internally pre-setting the absolute position while a discrete STATUS Output provides the direct means of monitoring the encoder’s system health. The controller contains a feature-rich Modbus communications protocol for ease of integration into the user’s control system.

Micronor is represented by Quality in Control in Australia.

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