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Stainless steel enclosures from Quador (Aust)

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Quador (Aust)  is well-known for servicing the entire electrical and switchboard industry. Quador (Aust) has been providing its services to this industry for past more than twenty years. A wide variety of wiring accessories are supplied by Quador (Aust). These wiring accessories are used by many large switchboard builders as well as home electronics industry. These wiring accessories are highly capable and cater to the various needs of the customers.

Quador (Aust) is recognised as an approved Victorian stocking distributor of high quality rail mount terminals, wire markers and electronics under the brand name Weidmuller which is one of the leading manufactures of Mann Industries products. A wide variety of Mann series products for various Mann process instruments are efficiently marketed by Quador (Aust) on behalf of Weidmuller.

Klippon JB is a high quality stainless steel enclosure that is manufactured by Weidmuller. Kilppon is recognised in the electronics industry as a quality, reliable and competent enclosure. Klippon JB stainless steel enclosures supplied by Quador (Aust) is ideal to be used for many industrial-type applications. Klippon JB enclosures can easily withstand harsh environments.

A Kilppon JB stainless steel enclosure is supplied by Quador (Aust) with a flange plate and in ten different sizes. This product is highly efficient and is internationally approved.

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