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Hydraulic hole punches from Quador (Aust)

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A wide variety of hydraulic hole punches are supplied by Quador (Aust) under the brand name Stainelec Hydraulic which is well-known for manufacturing high quality hole punches ranging from Powerman Junior punches to large Bench mount type punches.

A specific model NP-2 of hydraulic hole punches supplied by Quador (Aust) enables operator work smoothly and even without excessive pressure. This is an extremely powerful and portable hole puncher from Quador (Aust).

Quador (Aust) supplies this hole puncher in a beautiful finish and it does not cause any damage to finished and painted products. It is easy to apply this hole puncher from Quador (Aust) to any working position. It enables operator punching holes with great flexibility in different confined situations for any kind of control panel work.

This hole puncher makes the punching operation simple, fast and easy. A NP-2 hydraulic hole puncher supplied by Quador (Aust) has the ultimate punching capacity. Quador (Aust) can also provide some special sizes for rectangular size holes on specific requests. This hole puncher from Quador (Aust) weighs around six kilograms.

Maximum thickness of the mild steel that is used in manufacturing a NP-2 hole puncher is around four millimetres whereas stainless steel is around 2.6 millimetres thick.

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