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Fibre and bar scopes offered by QATE

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ITI fibre scopes from QATE are known for their quality and reliability. These fibre scopes are designed, manufactured, developed and tested by the engineers at QATE with utmost care. These fibre and bore scopes are ideal for use for observation or inspection in inaccessible areas and hostile environments.

Series 127000 ITI Fibre scopes are provided by QATE with unique fibre resolution. These are small high capacity glass fibres that are configured to increase the density of packing. These fibrescopes are constructed within the image bundle and they improve the quality of the optical image.

Series 123000 ITI bore scopes from QATE are famous for providing clear optical images. These are highly innovative bore scopes from QATE specifically designed with precision for high-resolution cameras. These bore scopes are provided with an advanced optical system that generates uniform and unmatched optical images.

QATE also provides portable flow meters, videopac remote visual system, ultrasonic thickness gauges, portable coating thickness gauge, magnetic particle testing ac yokes, holiday detectors, ultrasonic flaw detectors and portable hardness tester on hire for the customers who can not purchase the new systems.

Apart from this, various software products, magnetic particle and dye penetrant equipment, remote visual systems and many other products are supplied by QATE for the benefit of its customers.

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