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Universal gauge solves measurement problems

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article image Solartron universal block gauge.

DEVELOPED in consultation with industry and benchmarked against existing products, the Solartron block gauge, from Q.C Systems , addresses a whole new range of applications not covered by conventional gauging probes.

It is simple to use, offers enhanced performance and enables a reduced cost of gauge ownership.

Available in digital and analogue variants the universal block gauge, with a measuring range of 5mm and repeatability better than 0.25µm, allows reliable precision measurement within cavities, internal diameters and generally where access is difficult or impossible for conventional probe systems.

The Gauge is able to measure with the tip offset by up to 45mm.

Solartron's zero tolerance bearings ensure an accuracy and repeatability up to twice that of the competition. The bearings have been tested to 10,000,000 cycles without any discernible change in performance.

To ensure a long life in harsh environments, sensors and bearings are sealed to IP65 and the body is machined from stainless steel.

The tip is infinitely adjustable along the DIN standard dovetail fitting and the tip holder accepts standard M2.5 tips.

The block gauge fixing centres are compatible with most popular universal gauges ensuring complete interchangeability.

The moving mass has been kept to a minimum to ensure good repeatability, long life and better control of contact tip forces. A selection of springs is supplied as standard to ensure the gauge can be installed in any attitude. Pneumatic actuators are available for automatic control.

The analogue version comes as half bridge or LVDT options. The digital version is unique to Solartron and offers a highly linear output and is fully compatible with Solartron's ORBIT network.

This offers engineers a simple and lower cost solution to system building with free software drivers available for most computer languages and popular software packages, including Microsoft Excel.

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