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Pyrotek’s range of noise control products creates safer environment in specialised vehicles

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article image Pyrotek installed noise control products in specialised military vehicles
Pyrotek Noise Control  supplied a turnkey acoustic solution to a leading international Indonesian business specialising in the manufacture of armoured vehicles.

Pyrotek’s assistance was sought to overcome acoustic problems within their specialised transport vehicles primarily used to transport military personnel.

The two major concerns in the personnel cabin were noise entering the area and the reflected noise energy (reverberation), causing fatigue, and impacting safety and communication. Fatigue was caused by constant exposure to excessive noise and vibration while hearing damage could occur at levels of 85dBA. Noise levels before treatment measured in excess of 79dBA.

The vehicles also needed to support radio and intercommunication systems to enable contact between the crew members and the outside world.

Based on Pyrotek’s experience with specialised vehicles, a range of noise control products was suggested to obtain the best possible acoustic results to suit the confined environment.

Key noise control solutions implemented by Pyrotek:

  • Side panels of the personnel cabin were lined with Sorberbarrier V, a composite of acoustic grade foam laminated to a high performance noise barrier
  • Grey perforated vinyl facing provided a tough yet flexible finish to enhance and lighten the cabin space
  • Inner engine walls and inspection hatches treated with Soundpaint, a damping compound to reduce noise generated by vibration in metal panels
  • Soundmat noise barrier used on cabin floors to provide a robust surface finish unaffected by oil and fuel spills
  • Sorberbarrier V installed on the back wall and ceiling above the driver to reduce noise and vibration from the engine bay
  • All gaps or penetrations throughout the vehicle that could cause potential noise leakage were sealed
  • Gearbox noise reduced through provision of an acoustic enclosure

Pyrotek’s turnkey solution for the Indonesian manufacturer resulted in reduction of noise outputs to as low as 65dBa.

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