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Pyrotek helps Mitsubishi Elevators Control Vibration and Noise with Sylomer Vibration Dampers

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article image Pyrotek installs Sylomer Vibration Dampers in Mitsubishi Elevators to Control Vibration and Noise

Pyrotek Noise Control  supplied their Sylomer vibration dampers to Mitsubishi as an effective solution for the vibration problem in their elevators.  

Vibration from the motor driving four Mitsubishi elevators installed in a 20-storey residential high-rise in downtown Taipei City, Taiwan was causing significant structure-borne noise that was transferred through walls into the living units whenever the lifts were in motion.  

Mitsubishi relied on common industry practice while designing the lifts by using straight rubber to isolate the motor from its mount, but this material didn’t adequately handle the vibration.  

Mitsubishi called Dollars Wang, Pyrotek’s Noise Control Manager in Taiwan who along with top acoustic consultant Dr Lu Wei-Yu and Pyrotek’s Product Development Manager in Melbourne, Michael Kierzkowski worked on a lasting solution.  

Pyrotek’s sound and vibration experts approach each vibration problem holistically, resulting in the best possible noise reduction solution. Pyrotek excels in the isolation of motors, shakers, pumps and structures as vibration is a constant issue in building, transport and marine applications.  

Mitsubishi’s brief was to provide good isolation from 50 to 160 Hz. Dr Lu’s careful noise and vibration tests gave a peak frequency of 320 to 400 Hz requiring Pyrotek to provide an isolator material that would flex at low loads, but remain strong at high loads.  

The Pyrotek team selected Sylomer from their extensive range of vibration damping products. Sylomer vibration dampers incorporate an elastic polyurethane material that deforms under tension and compression loads, but always returns to its original form.  

Pyrotek has previously used Sylomer vibration dampers several times with reliable results in isolating and reducing vibrations that negatively impact people, materials and environments.  

While rubber serves well as a general multipurpose isolator, it lacks precision of design when a particular solution is required. On the other hand, the Sylomer material allows a tailored solution that takes into account the problem frequencies and loads the material is exposed to in an operation.  

Pyrotek replaced the plain rubber isolation mounts in Mitsubishi’s elevators with Sylomer SR1200 isolators. SR1200 is Sylomer’s highest grade in terms of load capacity, ideal for use in extreme environments and capable of handling up to 1.2 N/mm².  

Pyrotek’s vibration dampers are performing extremely well at the Taipei building.  

Pyrotek expects demand for dedicated isolation materials such as Sylomer to increase as cities get denser, towers get higher, walls get thinner and the acoustic performance of lifts becomes an issue.

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