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Sludge tank blending system

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PUMP Systems Ltd recently completed a sludge tank blending project with the installation of three ROTAMIX sludge tank mixing systems in a large wastewater treatment plant.

The revolutionary sludge tank mixing system uses three dual sets of powerful floor mounted nozzles to mix a blend of WWTP sludge's and solids up to 6% inside three 8 to 10 m diameter sludge tanks.

The unique flow pattern created by the fixed floor nozzles eliminates dead spots, reduces energy requirements and virtually eliminates solids settling out inside the tank.

The big advantage is that there are no moving parts inside the sludge tank, therefore the sludge tank blending systems are virtually maintenance free.

Each sludge tank blending system uses an HE series horizontal end suction Vaughan Chopper Pump which is specially designed to handle solids laden sludges containing fibres and hair.

The heavy duty Vaughan Chopper Pump preconditions the sludge which avoids clogging of the floor mounted nozzles and also stops the problem of fine fibres and hair reweaving into small clumps which can cause a build up of solids on the surface of the sludge and the floor of the tank.

Pumps Systems Ltd has also supplied these unique sludge tank mixing and digester mixing systems for projects in New Zealand and Australia.

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