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Industrial and hazardous wastes with suspended solids often create environmental problems in waste handling facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

Stringy solids often wrap around rotating machinery and shafts and also cause clogging problems in pipe work, valves and pumps and waste handling systems.

Vaughan Company represented by Pump Systems have been solving these difficult pumping problems with their unique Vaughan chopper pump designed to chop and pump solids laden products such as biological sludge, chemical wastes, solids laden slurries, meat, poultry, fish and vegetable wastes and processing wastes.

The hardened chopping impeller and cutter bar allow the pump to chop and pump all forms of waste materials such as string plastic strapping and bags, rope, wire, wood, rags, wool and stringy fibres, offal and gut, tin cans and bottles which are often found mixed in with trade wastes and sludges in local authority and industrial effluent streams.

The chopping impeller, cutter bar and upper cutters behind the impeller are supplied hardened to Rockwell 60C.

These heavy duty pumps can be supplied in a wide variety of sizes and designs and in special materials for flow rates up to 1800 cubic metres per hour a heads up 50 metres.

The range includes end suction centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, vertical column pumps, dry pedestal mounted pumps and recirculating pumps which are used to chop up floating solids which cause matting problems in sumps, digesters and sludge tanks.

Recognised around the world as problem solvers, Vaughan chopper pumps are now operating in a wide range of industries in Australia and New Zealand where they are operating in the severe pumping applications.

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