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Blower energy recovery heat exchanger

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article image The VLV series heat exchanger.

LACKEBY Products, represented in Australia by Pump Systems Ltd , has developed an innovative water/air heat exchanger to extend the life of membranes used in aeration tanks at sites such as wastewater treatment plants.

The unit recovers or regains energy heat from the blower-produced air stream, which then can be used for the heating for ventilation systems or tap water.

The VLV series heat exchanger consists of a circular pressure vessel containing coils of copper.

The cooling agent flows within the copper coils while hot air from the blower(s) flows around the copper coils that are arranged at the mantle area of a cylinder. The heat exchanger has a coaxial installed cooling system.

Each heat exchanger is completely fabricated of stainless steel plate, except the copper coils, and is completely enclosed and self-supporting.

Air and water piping connections are 150psi (PN10) standard flange connections sized as showed in drawings.

The front and back are flanged and permit full access for cleaning and inspection of the inside of the unit.

The mantle is coupled with a flange, which provides ease in dismounting for inspection and maintenance.

The process benefits include – extension of the life of membranes, thereby reducing maintenance costs, reduces pressure loss and eliminates sensitivity to clogging on the air side and simplifies installation in both new and existing plants.

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