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New WASP monitoring system from PT Rescue for emergencies

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article image WASP - Warning Alarm for Stability Protection

PT Hydraulics Australia announces the introduction of the new WASP stability protection unit to the PT Rescue range of products.

PT Rescue’s WASP (Warning Alarm for Stability Protection) is a portable monitoring system designed for use in various emergency situations. Being lightweight and simple to operate, the monitoring system can be set up in just seconds and deployed in a range of positions using its various attachment capabilities.

The WASP system was developed in the UK by experienced firefighters in conjunction with DATUM, a structural monitoring specialist company. Designed to meet rigorous and precise technical specifications for use in the harshest of rescue environments, the WASP provides a visual and audible early warning detection system for any movement or vibration that could potentially put rescue personnel and/or the public in danger.

With its ability to detect the slightest movement, the WASP can be used in various disaster management applications including collapsed buildings, structural fires, road traffic accidents and trench cave-ins. Structural and mechanical failures and disturbances can also be monitored using the WASP.

Please visit the PT Rescue website for more information on the WASP.

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