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CTD Pulverisation Automatic Foam Dosage Systems from PT Hydraulics Australia

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PT Hydraulics Australia  is the exclusive distributor for CTD Pulverisation products.

Based in France, CTD designs and manufactures a line of injection and dosage systems to make pre-mixes for use in fire-fighting applications.

Automatic foam dosage systems from CTD are available in a number of setups suitable for vehicles, trailers, cradles or stationary units.

The automatic foam dosage systems can be used with virtually all types of emulsifiers, additives as well as retardants and offer extremely high dosage accuracy and reliability. This in turn, reduces the amount of concentrate or water that is used for fire-fighting.

Triton and Chameleon automatic foam dosing systems will be displayed at the AFAC Conference in September.

Triton automatic foam dosage systems

The Triton is an automatic foam dosing system from 0.1 - 1.0%, outputting a pre-mixed flow from 30 to 1250 litres per minute under low pressure, or 30 to 350 litres per minute under high pressure.

Triton is designed to work with Class A foam and is extremely easy to use.

The foam concentration is selected using the + or - buttons on the digital display of the control panel. The Triton automatically calculates the foam quantity required depending on the water flow measured by a turbine sensor.

Chameleon automatic foam dosage systems 

The Chameleon is also an automatic foam dosing system, ranging from 0.1 - 6.0% and compatible with both Class A and Class B foam.  

To operate the system, the Fire Type is selected on the Control Panel, which then automatically selects the type of foam needed, opens the correct tank using a pneumatic valve and begins mixing at the necessary percentage. At the completion of the job, the system is automatically flushed.  

The Chameleon can deliver up to 4,000 litres per minute of pre-mix. A highlight for both the Triton and Chameleon automatic foam dosage systems is that if the additive tank on the truck empties out, these pumps can work on external suction, such as from a container or jerry can filled with foam concentrate.

Both the Triton and Chameleon have a 5-year warranty on the pump as well as two years on other components.

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